Hall Of Fame

Division 1 Winners

Trophy presented by St Andrews College

1986 St Patricks Bray
1987 Our Ladys Grove Goatstown
1988 St Josephs of Cluney OLG
1989 Taney NS
1990 Loreto Beaufort
1991 Our Ladys Grove
1992 Loreto Beaufort
1993 Castle Park
1994 Taney NS
1995 St Andrews College
1996 St Patricks Bray
1996 Mount Anville
1997 St Josephs of Cluney
1998 Our Ladys Grove
1999 Mount Anville
2000 St Andrews College
2001 Not awarded due Foot and Mouth Crisis
2002 Taney NS
2003 St Andrews College
2004 St Gerards
2005 Glenageary Killiney NS
2006 Taney NS
2007 Taney NS
2008 Taney NS
2009 St Andrews College (Plate winners: St Gerards)
2010 Aravon (Plate winners: Aravon)
2011 Alexandra College
2012 Taney NS (Plate winners: Taney)
2013 Mt Anville Montessori (Plate winners: Mt Anville)
2014 Mt Anville Montessori (Plate winners: Mt Anville)
2015 Mt Anville Montessori (Plate winners: Taney)
2016 Hollypark NS (Plate winners: Hollypark)Mount Anville Primary A
2017 Mount Anville Primary A (Plate winners: Mount Anville Primary A)
2018 Castle Park School A

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