Regulations 2018- 2019

This year we will once again be using the Extreme 8's rules except as detailed below.

Regulations 2017-2018

1. Only girls attending the Junior or Primary School can play on that school’s team.
2. There will be Six Divisions this year:
Division 1- Highest division in the League
Division 2 (A & B)- For schools that have 2 teams in the League. They must be A & B team. They must play at the same time.
Division 3- 2nd highest ranking teams
Division 4- 3rd highest ranking teams
Division 5- 4th highest ranking teams
Division 6- Mixed ability. Schools have to have 2 mixed ability teams, playing at the same time. Girls playing on these teams need to be beginners to hockey.Both scores are aggregated for the result.
3. The entry fee is now €30.00 per team which includes affiliation to Leinster School’s Hockey where necessary.
4. We strongly advise that each school has adequate Insurance cover for coaches and umpires.
5. A maximum squad size of 12 is permitted – with a maximum of 7 out field players in any positions you may choose and one fully padded goalkeeper with stick to play at any one time. Substitutes are to be made from the Half Way Line. ONLY 12 players can play in Blitz and League matches. You may have 16 on your panel MAX however you must clear this situation with the committee at the start of the season.
6. All out field players must wear gum shields and shin pads.
7. All matches are to be umpired by two umpires, one nominated by each team. A coach can umpire and offer constructive advice to both teams.
8. The match will be played 20 minutes each way (5 minutes for half time).
9. Only regular or midi hockey balls to be used. No mini.
10. Games uniforms must be worn. In the event of two teams having similar colours, the home team is asked to wear something different e.g. bibs
11. All games must be played on a recognised hockey surface. Half a pitch is used. Goals have to be regular sizes, either with uprights and net or made with cones.
12. It is agreed that we would not like to see teams winning by a margin greater than 4 goals, to ensure that all players can enjoy hockey. Please see coaches’ guidelines below.
13. Results must be sent within 48 hours by both teams to your Division Co-ordinator. Questions and concerns are also to be e-mailed to your own Division co-ordinator. If the Division co-ordinator cannot resolve the issue then the chairperson of the League committee needs to be contacted.
14. Schedule is a guide but use common sense. Match can be played before the scheduled date.
15. 3 points awarded for a win, 2 points for a score draw and 1 point for a scoreless draw.
16. Section positions will be decided by the following criteria:

1. Team with the most points accumulated (if the same then)
2. Head to head result of 2 teams involved (if a draw then)
3. Number of matches won (if the same then)
4. Replay of match between the 2 teams.

17. The committee must be advised in the event of any arranged fixture being cancelled on more than one occasion
18. All players must be 5m away from a player restarting the game irrespective of the reason for the restart or the position on the pitch.
19. The circles should be marked using strips and is the same as a full size circle which is 14.63m.
20. Following the ball crossing the end line when last played by a defender and a goal has not been scored, the game is restarted with a free to the attacking team 19.63m (ie Circle +5m) from the end line, in line with where the ball left the field of play. A mark should be placed on each sideline, to indicate this distance.
21. Equivalent of a penalty corner is a ‘4v3’ set play. Set up for a ‘4v3’: Ball starts on centre of long corner line. 2 outfield defenders can start anywhere in the circle. The goalkeeper starts behind the goal line. 4 attacking players start outside/around the circle. All other players on both teams start behind far long corner line. Once attacking team play the ball then normal rules apply. The ball must then move 5m or be played by another player before it is played into the circle.”
22. It is most desirable that all fixtures are played. No points are awarded for walkovers.
23. Own goals are permitted except when the ball is struck from outside the circle by an attacker and it goes into the goal having touched only a defenders stick.
24. In the event of the result of a final day match still being a draw after 5 mins each way of golden goal extra time, the trophy will be shared and both teams will be awarded Gold Medals.
25. It is agreed that no away team will bring to or take away any balls from a match. On arrival the home team will lend the away team a set of balls for the warm up which will be returned after the match. This does not apply at tournaments or finals.
26. Any match abandoned for weather is replayed in full at a later date at the original venue
27. As a committee we have decided 5pm is the cut off for matches to be played by.
28. Coaches-need to know all the rules. The person in charge/manager of the school will be held responsible for any shortcomings of the team.
29. Any complaints this year will only be accepted from the Manager of that team/school. No Parent emails will be accepted or tolerated.

Please Note: Coaches Guidelines for drawn Knockout matches

It is preferable that all knockout matches are resolved by normal “open play hockey” so in the event of a match being drawn at full time and a replay is not possible, 5 minutes extra time Silver Goal (ie if one team is ahead after first 5 mins then that team wins) each way should be played. If there is still no winner then 5 different players from each team should have one shot each on an open goal from the half way line to resolve the result. If the two teams are still equal then one shot each sudden death until it is resolved.

Please Note: Coaches Guidelines to keep Goal Difference below four

• umpires/coaches should discuss this before the match and agree a strategy
• swap stronger players to less effective/influential positions.
• replace stronger players with weaker subs.
• reduce number of players on winning team
• very strict application of the rules to winning team
• Please be mindful of the importance that all players enjoy the match

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